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Krishna Industrial Fasteners

We offer a diverse range of industrial fastener solutions to varied industries of energy, infrastructure, power and more.

Our Most Popular Products

Fully licensed, bonded & insured

ASTM Bolts are widely used in construction. Readily available in diameter sizes of M12 to M30 with length upto 250mm. 

ASTM Bolts

Nyloc Nuts.jpg

Nyloc Nuts are utilized in automobile and electric power sectors. Available in sizes from M5 to M30.

Nyloc Nuts

Hex Bolts.jpg

Hex Bolts are popular in all sectors; residential, construction, heavy industries etc. Available in different grades, sizes and finishes.

Hex Bolts

Threaded Rods.jpg

Threaded Rods are also known as studs and are widely into operation in construction and electric sector.

Threaded Rods

U Bolts.jpg

U-Bolts are available both as per regular sizes and customer specifications.


Krishna Industrial Fasteners

Serving Clients all across INDIA


Our Areas of Expertise

Where We Can Help

We proudly cater to requirements of several sectors and industries ensuring highest quality at lowest rates.

Civil Construction

Shear Connector Studs, Hex Bolts and Nuts are commonly used in construction of highways, flyovers etc, providing ultimate strength and reliability.

Energy and Power

Hot Dip Galvanized Hex Bolts and Nuts, Screws, Spring Washers, are recurringly used in energy and power industries 

Machinery and Automobile

Nyloc Nuts, Allen Bolts, High Tensile Bolts and Nuts, Screws are routinely used in manufacturing of heavy goods

Solar Panels- Hex Nuts Bolts.jpg
Hex Nuts.jpg

What Makes Us Different?

Superior quality, competitive rates and industry knowledge are our mission and vision.


Affordable &
Transparent Prices

We offer the most reliable quality at affordable and transparent rates.

Structural Bolts.jpg

Maximum Client

Our team is committed to serve you and ensure timely deliveries.


Excellent Quality 

Our products go through multiple checks to ensure the finest quality.


40 Years
of Experience

Our industry expertise and knowledge ensures we only serve the best.

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